Monday, April 12, 2010


"Running" somewhere in the yard - with pure joy all over his face

Taking a breather

Passing in the wind. He is getting pretty quick, but still can't catch his sister - who is really quick

Finally at the top fo the hill

I was thrilled that Douglass Charles chose this week - while his daddy was home - to really take off walking. He was really working it Easter weekend, but this week, he made it official. He LOVES it - not just because he can get around everywhere, but I believe he feels like a big boy. He squeals, he laughs, he grins from ear to ear, he "runs" and follows his big sister everywhere.

One thing I HAVE to try to get a picture of is Charlotte and he hand-in-hand. Charlotte likes to "help" him walk and most times he lets her (from time to time he lets us all know he is not really keen on her help). It touched my heart watching them walk hand-in-hand down the hall the other night. So sweet.

While I am thrilled for my little guy, I am a little sad. We have crossed over into the toddler years and Douglass Charles' being a "baby" is over. I would never keep my children back for my sake, but this past year has gone so quickly. It amazes me how grown both my babies are getting.

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Amy said...

Look at him go!!!! Those are fun pictures! You can tell he's a "new walker", too. So sweet!