Friday, May 30, 2008

June Bride Giveaway

Celebrating brides everywhere, this is our June Bride Giveaway. I will be giving away the June Cleaver Apron in Blue Paisley - which is our newest fabric combination in my line of aprons. It is made with Freshcut fabric in Blue Paisley with blue stripe piping detail. If you want to enter just contact me here or over at with your name and email address. I will announce the winner on June 30th. Good luck!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Do Ruffles Really Have Ridges?

Ruffles, ruffles everywhere! This picture shows the skirts of three Audrey Hepburn Aprons.

This turned out so well I didn't want to mail it off - although the monogram would have been all wrong if I had kept it. :)

More babies being born and girls this time, too. The booties are compliments of I just embellished them with the bows. So cute!

Charlotte has been playing a lot while I work in the sewing room. It is giving her good sitting up practice - which she loves.

So do ruffles really have ridges? I don't believe my ruffles do. My sewing room has been a little ruffly as of late with an Audrey Hepburn Apron order and my building my inventory. The burp cloth just added a few more ruffles to the mix... and you thought I had been keeping away from my sewing machine. Ah, you were wrong. We have been quite busy to say the least.

So, what is new? I will possibly begin on my second wholesale order this week (still pending) and yes, I said wholesale. There is already a little shop in New York City selling Ali's Aprons. A new boutique is considering them for their shop in Tallahassee, Florida. I also have another shop in Douglasville that will be carrying them this fall. Who knew Etsy would be such a good place for me.

I am also preparing for a photo shoot this summer. Turns out that one of my customers is a wonderful photographer and is willing to take on my aprons later this summer in a shoot for me. Check out her website at I wish she could come to Atlanta and shoot Miss Charlotte. Isn't she talented!?!

If you like the little booties you see pictured with the burp cloths you can find them at I just fixed them up a bit with a bow. So Cute!

And... sorry I do not have photos of Addy and Charlotte together. Throughout their whole visit I opted for the video camera instead of my camera. Maybe I can figure out how to download these so you can see them.

Sorry to toot my own horn, but some exciting stuff is going on in my little studio. Can't wait to launch the new apron giveaway starting on Friday. So come on back to learn how you can enter. Until then...

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Senior PGA

Charlotte with her Grandpa English

The English girls - Meg, me, and Kate

Charlotte with her daddy on the swings for the first time. She loved it!

This weekend was full of family as we went to visit Doug's parents over in Birmingham. They live in a beautiful neighborhood that is around a resort and golf course. A Senior PGA Tournament was played there and we spend some time in the gorgeous weather watching golf. Charlotte was a gem and thoroughly enjoyed all the time outdoors.

Cousin Addy comes in today so I am sure there will be many more pictures to come of the girls. Stay tuned.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Doing Chores

Today Charlotte and I stayed home. I still wound up doing about an hours worth of Chick-fil-A work - because I am on call all the time and have to take phone calls no matter what. We cleaned house - or I guess I should say I did as she sat and watched. I kept telling her throughout the process that in a few years she would be helping with the chores. She didn't seem too amused seeing as she has been fussy most of the day.

This picture was taken while I was cleaning her room, putting away clothes and changing the sheets in her crib. There was no where for me to put her, so in she went in the clothes hamper. She liked it in there for a while. She could sit up and play with her toys. Please do not take me for a bad mother, but she can't sit up on her own yet and I knew the sides of the hamper would keep her from toppling over.

We are off to grandparents this weekend and cousin Addy comes in on Monday. We are so excited! I am sure I will have more pictures to post then. Stay tuned for another apron giveaway to be announced May 30th!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

1/2 Year Old

Talking Away - a normal look for Miss Charlotte

Today marks Charlotte's 6 month birthday. How did we get here. I know I will continue to ask this question as she grows up.

I had to have a a little photo shoot of our little princess. This was right after her nap and the sun was right coming through the dining room window. For those of you who my not care you can go ahead and stop reading. I am about to jot a few things down on what is going on with our little Charlotte.

What am I eating? Oatmeal cereal, formula - four bottles a day, green beans and sweet potatoes

Napping? 2 a days about an hour to hour and a half each.

Bedtime? 8:00p.m. at the latest and sleeps to 8:00 a.m. Hallelujah!

Favorite toy: Well, anything she can get her mouth on. Actually loves a left over wipe containter. It makes noise and has hard plastic on it, great for chewing on.

Teeth? 2 teeth :)

Daily activities: Squealing, talking and playing with toes. Smiling all the time and playing "Big Girl." (Throwing her arms up in the air every time we say "Big Girl").

Sunday, May 11, 2008

My First Mother's Day

Today, marks my first Mother's Day. Charlotte has yet to tell me Happy Mother's Day, but she has said it several times with her smile. According to her father she decided not to get me flowers. She wants me to go pick out a flowering bush that I can plant in the back yard and watch grow. Everytime I look at it she wants me to think of her. I thought this was very creative or our little Charlotte and I look forward to picking out something that I can hopefully keep alive - thankfully I am better at mothering my child than I am plants. :)

We also went to dinner last night. Nice dinners at restaurants have become even more special than before. Our budget doesn't allow for somewhat expensive dinners. I even got my favorite cocktail - which was kind of funny drinking while feeding Charlotte baby food - not very cosmopolitan. Who cares! I enjoyed the drink and Charlotte was an angel.

So... my first Mother's Day has proven to be a good one. Nothing too elaborate. Of course my favorite gift is that of my daughter. :)

Pretty In Pink

Charlotte looked so cute Thursday all dolled up in her little pink bubble suit. We were getting ready to run some Chick-fil-A errands. She was in a great mood and I just had to snap a couple of pictures. I hope you enjoy!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Screaming Babies and Flashing Lights

Why is it that every time my child is screaming in the car I either get behind the slowest car on the planet, there is a wreck that requires a 45 minute detour, or a cop riding behind me keeping me at the speed limit? Well, the worst situation happened Wednesday afternoon.

Charlotte has been doing so well with her car riding lately. Of course I had made a comment about it that morning knowing full well that we would probably have an issue - just because I said something. On our way home that afternoon Charlotte was tired and got a nasty case of the hiccups. Of course she started wailing. Obviously I sped up knowing that I still had 10 to 15 minutes left in the car and her crying would only escalate.

Sure enough, hiding in the bushes was a copper. Yes, just waiting there for me. I knew I was speeding even though I didn't know the speed limit. Of course he pulled out and followed me a couple of yards and then went the lights. So... I pulled over.

I thought, "Surely I will only get off with a warning. He will be able to hear my screaming child before he event gets to my door." To my dismay she stopped crying. All this to my horror I spoke to her very sternly and told her she better start crying again before the cop came to my window. Seconds passed and no crying. I was about to give up hope knowing the cop wouldn't believe my story when... "Waaaaaaaa." Ahhh, the only time in my whole life I have been thankful for my child screaming. :)

Thankfully, I got off with a warning and no ticket. Have a slowed down, yes! I drive around with cruise control on now. Will I speed again? Surely I will. Charlotte is sure to scream again and unfortunately I am sure her wails will win me over to actively and quickly try to take care of her discomfort.