Friday, April 30, 2010

{lagniappe 1}

So here we go with Lagniappe. Forgive me, but I already had this created and so it was just easier. The great thing about these "leftover" posts is they really aren't leftovers. They are just suggestions on what to do to prevent them - but regardless, these are some ideas/recipes that I come up with when I have a "little something extra."

So here we go with the first installment.

Meal idea:
Roast Pork Butt
green beans
mashed potatoes

Now, don't be intimidated by roasting a pork butt. Seriously, it is like the easiest thing you will ever do. I use Tyler Florence's recipe off and you can get these cuts of meat on sale for a VERY good price. Basically, you season the pork and based on how large the meat is you will bake it in the oven for several hours on 300 degrees (mine are normally about 7 pounds and take about six hours). Seriously, the house will smell wonderful and the meat will fall right off the bone.

Your Lagniappe - now you are going to have LOTs of meat leftover and you can shredd it up and freeze it for BBQ sandwiches for a later date (and you can do this like the chicken - fave BBQ sauce in the crock pot). But here is a wonderful twist on BBQ pork... Eggrolls - WHAT? Yes, and they are easy and divine!

Photo courtesy of the Food Network

Grab you a bag of slaw at the grocery store - and any other veggies you like (sprouts, water chesnuts, etc.). You will also want to purchase egg roll wrappers - in the produce section. Throw your veggies in a bowl along with some shredded pork, toss with a little terriayki sauce and follow the instructions on the egg roll packaging. Fry them up and you are good to go - with your favorite dipping sauce of course. Add a little sticky rice and some peas and you are set. Seriously, this was SO good! I was also very surpsied at how easy it made it as well (thanks, Erica, from for the recipe!).

Hope you enjoy your little something extra!

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