Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Stained Glass

Isn't this window beautiful. This lovely stained glass sits in the sanctuary of First Baptist Church Batesville - my father's home town. This window means so much to me as it was placed their in memory of my grandfather, Ben Junior Moore.

I mentioned in my post about my trip to Mississippi that we went to my father's old church. My grandfather was a pillar in this church as well as in his community and I was struck with how much it meant to me to see that window in all its glory with his name graced below.

My grandfather would have never wanted the attention. He felt it was his duty to tend to others both in faith and in body. He was a physician and took great pride in his work. He "healed the sick" until the day he died and helped so many along the way.

One of the greatest things that I learned after my grandfather's death - when I was only nine - was that he helped a great deal of people - helped them get through school, saw them as patients and didn't charge them, gave money to not just organizations but to people in need. But we really didn't know about it - not even my grandmother - until people showed up at his visitation and funeral and told us story after story of how he had helped them.

My grandparents were also very much in love. As an adult I had the privilege of reading a love letter that he sent to my grandmother and he was full of passion for that woman. He was a World War II Vet and their young love- like so many at that time - was entwined in the horrors of that day.

I was struck while sitting in the service that Sunday morning with my grandfather's memory - wishing he could meet my children, know my husband, see some of the life he has given me. My grandmother, every Sunday, still sits in the pew that they have for years and ironically it is right next to this window. I was overcome with emotion almost feeling my granfather's presence and knowing that he was smiling down upon us.

You might wonder why this picture of Jesus coming unto the little children was chosen for his memory. My grandmother has always told us it was because of his passion for children - but most especially his grandchildren. How special to be cherished - and ironically, isn't that the story this picture tells of - Christ's love for His children. So while the window serves as a memory of my wonderful grandfather, it also repersents the ultimate story he would want to pass onto both you and me - that You and I are loved and cherished by our Heavenly Father!


Amy said...

Wow!! That's a moving post, Alison!!! Very impressive and sweet!! Thanks for sharing.

Joanne Owen said...

Alison, What a wonderful tribute to PawPaw. I'm so glad you have those memories of him. Unfortunately some of your younger siblings don't. Thanks for sharing and reminding us of a life well lived.
PS He did love his grandchildren, and he would have been equally proud of his great-grands.

Dot said...

You grandparents set the examples to be followed by his siblings and their spouses. He once told me that one of the most important things in life was to get up in the morning, look in the mirror and be happy with who you see looking back at you. Love what you have written about him. He would be pleased.