Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The World of Fabric

For this newby to the textile industry I have wandered around the internet for several months trying to find a fabric that I could use in my new line of aprons. I found through my travels on the world wide web that finding a fabric and using a fabric are two different things. Just because you find a fabric you like doesn't mean that you can leagally use it. You have to get permission from the designer.

So after much frustration and coming up short a few times, I finally came upon a wonderful wholesale site called It was there that I finally thought "I am finally getting somewhere."

For those of you who have seen my newer apron designs, you knew the minute you saw the fabric patterns shown that they were perfect. I found the designer earlier this week and she graciously granted permission to use her beatiful creations. To learn more about the designer feel free to check her out at

Keep your eyes open for a photo coming soon. I have already ordered a yard - retail - and I will be posting it soon. :)

Monday, January 8, 2007

My First Attempt

Who doesn't love Tiffany's? This linen fabric in Tiffany blue called to me from across the fabric store. I was actually looking for something for an apron I was designing for myself. Little did I know that this simple apron would open into a hobby and into a small cottage industry.
What fun I had creating this piece - I love the simplicity of it. It really is too nice to really bake in but wonderful to use while entertaining. The covered buttons and the one letter monogram only add to its simple style.