Monday, August 27, 2007

Preparing for Babies

I bought several cuts of fabric today to make several gifts for several people close to me who are also expecting children. It is amazing to me how many people I know who are having kids, but then again, I am at that age. The fabric was on sale and I had a coupon - it was the perfect time to buy. Obviously I am making things for both boys and girls - as you can see from the colors presented in the photo.
I am now 28 weeks. So hard to believe. We only have 12 weeks left if she comes on her due date. I want to say, though, that I don't understand why they say that women carry children for 9 months when 40 weeks is 10 months. I guess it is because part of that time the woman isn't actually pregnant. Everything is on target for her due date so I guess we will see.
I want to thank everyone for their prayers. Please keep it up. I definitely feel covered in prayer and know that every day is a gift of good health. Things have been progressing well and the change in my diet seems to be helping. I am still having discomfort at times and there are days I am unsure of what may happen, but overall, I can't complain. So far I am really learning to trust God on a day by day basis. It is challenging, but rewarding. I didn't realize how little I rely on Him to help me before all this happened. I just tried to do it all myself. Not good. :)
Hope everyone is well. I just cut out a new apron design and started pinning this evening. We will see how long this one takes me. At least it is a start. I won't say stay tuned for more because who knows when it might be completed. Until next time...

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Doctors and Seams

Well, I finally completed my four seams. Actually, it turned out to be six but that isn't enough for me to have a substantial excuse for not getting these finished. Yeah! They are finally done. So... now off to my photographer friend (Red Bilbo) for some more professional looking shots for the website. :) Let me know what you think.
I saw the surgeon on Tuesday. After a lengthy discussion with her discussing the pros and cons of waiting, we have decided to wait this out. So if things continue to progress with the attacks it looks like I may have surgery after the baby arrives. We shall see. I believe in a big God and I know He can heal me of this. I am praying He will do this so I can avoid having the surgery all together. If not, the surgery is one of the easier procedures to get over so I will just be thankful for that.
Please pray for mine and the baby's health. I am eating a pretty strict diet which seems to be helping. This still does not mean that I won't get attacks. There is also a possibility of infection that could put me in the hospital for a few days so please pray that this does not happen. We have less than 14 weeks until her due date. I am praying for a delivery around the first or second week of November. I guess we shall see.
Again, thanks for all your prayers and support. I really appreciate it!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Creative Juices and Some Good News

I planned to sew tonight but began to fill a little poorly. I decided to sit a while at the computer and create some more recipe cards. I am in the process of coming up with several options that one could include with a matching apron or just give on their own with a few wooden spoons and a mixing bowl - a gift I most recently gave to Emily Hardy soon to be Branch (which she loved by the way).

I hope you like these two. The pink could go with the pink stripe apron or the pink floral the green obviously could go with the green. You could always mix and match - whatever your fancy. You will notice like all my things these are personalized. I just think it is a nice touch. Who doesn't love their name printed or embroidered on something? It just makes it special.

Good news from the doctors today. My blood work came back pretty much normal - a slight elevation in a function of my liver appeared but my doctor said this could be due to the pregnancy. I have a lot of gallstones but they are small. According to my father this is good news. My doctor said she just wanted to get an opinion from the surgeon first before we started making decisions but she suspects we will wait and watch, treat the symptoms, and look into surgery after the baby is born. She said the only way they would probably operate right now was if I insisted. If I can wait I want to wait. I will know more tomorrow after I talk with the surgeon, but I feel much better about this news.

I do request your prayers as I will have to endure the pain and discomfort from the gallstones throughout my last trimester. Also pray that the stones stay small. The larger ones can be fatal if they get stuck. This has been an adventure but I know God is in control. The most important thing is we get our little girl here safely and in good health. She doesn't seem to know there is anything wrong. She still kicks the heck out of me every day. I don't mind. It is reassuring just to know she is there.

Stay tuned and thanks for your prayers.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

5 Years and Counting

It is hard to believe that Doug and I have been married 5 years. Our anniversary was yesterday and he gave me these beautiful pink and white roses. They smell so fragrant and beautiful. I wish they would never die. I thought I would share them with you.

Unfortunately, in my last blog I made a few promises about sewing that I am afraid I may not be able to keep. After several months of occasional, severe pain in the middle of the night the doctors have finally diagnosed me with gallstones. I have yet to talk with the doctor about my test results, but they have already referred me to a general surgeon for a consultation. We are unsure of our options and pray that if surgery is needed it can wait until after our little one arrives. We appreciate your prayers and we will keep you posted.

With this new diagnosis and the uncertainty of what may lie ahead I will probably not approach stores this fall. If I have to endure gallbladder attacks for the next three months I do not want the added pressure of having to have large orders ready. I hate this because some of the contacts I had were good ones. I keep reminding myself that God knows and that I need to trust Him in this whole situation. We have enough to do with preparing for baby and my still trying to work. Thank God for a very flexible job!

You may see an occasional apron uploaded to the site. I still plan to sew here and there and I hope to make a few things for the baby - so you will probably see them posted here as well. Again, we appreciate your prayers for wisdom in what to do and our health. We will keep you posted... I meet with the drs this week.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Six Months and a Very Pink Horizon

Yes, I am already six months. It is hard to believe. I promise, I have three aprons waiting to be photographed with only four seams left to finish. You wouldn't think it would be that hard to complete them, but I have been dragging my feet. I keep blaming it on my pregnancy. :)

And yes, we are having a girl - the reason for our very pink horizon. We are thrilled and I can't explain how excited I was when we found out. It really surprised me. We really thought it was a boy so we were very shocked to find out our first would be a daughter. So far it has been fun picking out things for my registery and trying to decide how I want to decorate her nursery.

So you are wondering about names. Do we have one yet? Well, sort of, but you won't find out until she is here. My husband wants it to be a surprise, but we are still a little undecided so I couldn't tell you her name if I wanted. Stay tuned... you will know her lovely name before you know it.

I promise to have some apron pictures posted in the next two weeks. I will be ashamed with myself if I don't. There is no excuse for my not sewing four seams. We shall see. :)