Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Today marks an exciting day in the English household, Doug, my wonderful husband, has his last and final day of class for his MEA (Masters in Educational Administration). To say we are excited is a complete understatement. We as a family are thrilled, but I know that Doug is more elated than any of us.

Just wanted to give a BIG SHOUT OUT to the hubs and say CONGRATULATIONS on earning your MEA. We are SO proud of you and are excited to see where God takes us with your new credentials.

Just fyi... Doug is pursuing jobs as an assistant principal. Because we are not from the area we are open to leaving - I know sad! - so if you know of anyone looking for an A.P. please let us know both locally and elsewhere.

Hooray for Doug! Now, what is he going to do with all that free time... :) I am sure he will fill it up before he gives me the chance to fill it up for him. Ha! :)


Anonymous said...

Woop! Woop! Go Doug!

The Kimmels said...

I CANNOT WAIT until I can say this about Brad and his MBA. t-minus 7 months! Can't believe it! Congrats to Doug!! I know you all are thrilled!

Amy said...

Congrats, Doug!!!! So exciting! Hey-he could use his free time to get his Specialist:-) Hehehe! I'm going to finish my specialist by Christmas (hopefully).