Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Pretty in Pink?

Finally something for those who do not always adore the color pink. You all know I am a girly girl and I love pink. I love green too and realize that not everyone wants to have pink in their apron. So... I decided to use some chocolate brown piping and fashion this not so pink June Cleaver Apron. This one is available for sale at www.alisaprons.etsy.com.

Pink Chocolate

Yet another custom order and another reason to blog... just because I want you to see what I have been up to. A dear friend from high school days ordered this from me for a friend - very thoughtful. I loved the way it turned out even though I was a little apprehensive. This is the Carol Brady in Pink Chocolate. I did the same combo for her in the June Cleaver. Both are striking if you like pink and brown - one of my favorites. :)

Iron Works

You may think that all I do now that I am a mother is take pitures of my child talking to a toy that will never speak back. Well... that would be wrong. I am actually back to work at both the Chicken House (Chick-fil-A) and in my studio sewing up a storm. Which brings me to the above photo.
Etsy - where my "shop" is located - has been very good to me. It has provided me with a way to advertise my goods to more than just my precious friends and family. The custom order shown above was created for a fellow Etsian (nerdy, I know, but that is what we are). She is a jewelry maker and decided she wanted something a little bit more inspirational to work in as opposed to what others in her field wear (to check out her goods visit her shop at http://www.deliasthompson.etsy.com/). You never know what someone will choose to use an apron for. Who knew, but I think she will be a little more inspired. What do you think? :)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Life with Mr. Bug Continued

I finally captured a conversation between Charlotte and Mr. Bug so you can see what I mean. Their conversations are so comical and cute too. It is so fun to watch her grow and change. Enjoy!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Life with Mr. Bug

My how time flies. My little one is growing like a weed and seems to change every day. I know we have talked about how verbal Miss Charlotte is, but her little jabber still amazes me. This morning she woke up in a wonderful mood (as she usually does when she has had a good sleep). I laid her down in her jungle gym where Mr. Bug lives (it is one of those things that has the objects that hang over the child so they can play and stare at them). I walked away to check email and fix myself some breakfast and not soon after heard a lot of noise coming from the living room where I had left her. She and Mr. Bug were having a conversation. It lasted for quite some time, but I am not sure that Mr. Bug was able to get much in. The conversation was pretty much one sided. :)
It was so cute to find her talking away, entertaining herself, happy as a clam to play on her own. What a blessing she truly is. I never knew that such small things could bring such pleasure. :)

Friday, February 8, 2008

The Family Stone

Well, my last post was nothing in comparison to what we have gone through in the last week. Not eight days after Doug was rushed to the ER I was taken there by the same perimedic (quite funny if you think about it). Yes, my gallstones did a number on me and Monday afternoon I had my gallbladder removed. It all was a little scary and emotional. A large stone got stuck in my bile duct - causing the severe pain. They had to remove the gallbladder and infection had already set in. Unfortunately they were unable to remove the stone in the duct during surgery so I had to undergo another procedure on Tuesday to remove it. After a little bout with Pancretitis (spelling I am sure is wrong) I was able to come home Wednesday afternoon.

This was an answer to prayer as I had been asking the Lord what I needed to do. Thankfully family stepped in to help and we are on our way to getting back to some normalcy.

Currently Doug is having a procedure done this afternoon to rid him of one of his Kidney stones. Hopefully once this procedure is over with he will also be on the road to recovery.

I keep saying that Doug and I are too young to have all these health issues. Thankfully we live in a day where much can be done to correct these problems. Thank the Lord for modern medicine. Thanks, too, to all of you who have diligently prayed for us during this time. We have felt your prayers and deeply appreciate them.

Much love from a hopefully soon to be stone free family. :)