Sunday, April 11, 2010

Uncle Andy and The Varsity

Charlotte and her Uncle Andy - who has recently become a vegetarian. He nearly gave it up for the sake of The Varsity. :)

Douglass Charles would NOT leave the hat on.

Charlotte wearing her hat. She wore it the WHOLE time. I was very surprised.

It seems that all of our Varisty trips revolve around family, but we were thrilled to make the trip once again to one of our favorite Atlanta Landmarks. We got a surprise call from Andy, Doug's older brother, in the middle of the week. He was going to be in town for an ISO Phsycologist's meeting (he is Dr. Andy). He currently lives in San Fransico, California, so it is always good to get a visit in.

We loaded up the trip and headed into town. Picked him up and made our way to the original location of The Varisty. Charlotte took right after her family and ate her fill of hotdogs - 1 1/2 dogs. I was pretty impressed.

It was wonderful to briefly catch up with Andy and enjoy some of those famous chili dogs and onion rings - and our favorite - a PC (chocolate milk over crushed ice). DELICIOUS!


The Dettling's said...

We love The Varsity! That sounds so good right now to this super preggo mama!!! Wish they could be shipped within an hour! :) What did your poor brother-in-law eat?!

Alison said...

Tally, ya'll should come for a visit and we will hit up the aquarium and The Varsity. It would be such fun!

Poor Andy ate a Pimento Cheese sandwich and it looked like it had some kind of slaw on it. I KNOW my chilidog was much better. :)