Sunday, April 4, 2010

Charlotte's Easter Dress

When I was little finding the perfect Easter dress was always a fun thing to do. I am a girly girl and always have been. Buying a pretty dress for this Easter Sunday definitely goes down in my life as a special memory.

This is Charlotte's third Easter and the second time I have made her dress for this special day. This year was a little more rewarding than the last. When I put it on her, told her I made it special for her, she looked up at me with those blue eyes of hers, stroking the front of it and said, "Pretty, Mommy!"

Also, notice her shoes. Think me sappy, but I cried when I put these on her for the first time. They look like such big girl shoes and my big girl really liked them. I can't believe how fast she is growing.

Don't think I forgot Douglass Charles. I am no wonder woman and we used the outfit I made him for his baptism several weeks ago for this special day.

Here's hoping your Easter was filled with love and joy. He is Risen! Allelujah!


Courtney said...

Beautiful are very talented!! I know that had to take a lot of hard work so I'm glad that Miss Charlotte was able to let you know how much she liked it ;).

The Barge's said...

I love the dress and Douglass Charles outfit! They look soo cute! Great Job are so talented:)

Susan said...

Her dress is gorgeous. Is there anything you don't do well????