Saturday, April 7, 2007

News and Even Bigger News

So yes, I have been away for a while. I finally got the first apron done from my collection and I haven't done much else but sell some fabric on ebay and finish up a couple of custom projects for family.

I loved the way this new apron turned out. If you remember, I chose the fabric after I received the brown in the same print. I am much happier with these colors. I just can't wait to finish the rest. I already almost have two more done. Stay tuned...

The news is that an apron popped up this week on Martha Stewart that was made out of one of my fabrics - the orange floral. I was so excited to see it on television, I immediately contacted the designer of the fabrics ( - who lives on the west coast to let her know. It was nice to know that others obviously think that these fabrics are great!

The Big News and the reason I have been slacking in the creative sewing department and from blogging on my site is... we are expecting our first baby! I have not been feeling too hot and it has been difficult to come up with the energy to sew. We are excited and appreciate your prayers as I am only 8 weeks. We are due November 19th - kind of a tough time for my business - but I will just have to get on a stick this summer and get a lot of aprons made. :)