Sunday, April 4, 2010

Egg Hunting

We had the pleasure of eating lunch with my friend Anna and her family today for lunch. We had a delicious meal and then we let the kids loose in the back yard to hunt for eggs.

This was Charlotte's first egg hunt - as well as Douglass Charles. Charlotte caught on pretty quickly and then after discovering there was candy in the eggs she was content to discover her prize.

Douglass Charles also got into the fun. He is walking up a storm now (seemed to really happen this weekend) and he was all about finding eggs. He wasn't interested in collecting them. He just needed one. He would pick it up, throw it, and run after, pick it up again, and start the whole process over - and he was very proud of himself I might add. The only trouble this game caused is the older children would see the egg he had thrown and try to collect it for themselves. Thankfully there were plenty of eggs so his game was able to continue.

Douglass Charles and Charlotte both are very into playgrounds right now and they honestly, were more into playing on the Jones' swingset than they were about hunting eggs.

We had such a wonderful time and it was fun to share in such memories with friends.

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Joanne Owen said...

Alison, Charlotte's Easter dress is beautiful. What a treasure. You are so talented!