Monday, October 27, 2008

Standing Tall

Everything always seems to happen at once. This weekend Charlotte started climbing the stairs as well as pulling up. Today I caught her pulling up everywhere. It is like when she finally figures out how to do something she does it all the time. I am kind of the same way. I will do it until I get sick of it - like listen to a new song, crochet, scrapbook, whatever.

Anyway, Charlotte is doing so many things. She is very verbal and gabbers all the time. I am not really sure where she gets this from because her father is not a talker - I am only kidding. She can say several words - mama, dada (which she still won't really call us), baboo - wich is baby (and everything is a baby), uh oh (which is her favorite, especially when she throws something on the floor, and bye bye (most of the time she just yells out "BYE" really loudly and says it over and over again.) She just learned "dog" this evening calling them "daa." Up until now they were also called "baboo" - translation baby.

Charlotte also loves to sing. She will sing with the television, the radio, on her own and when Mommy and Daddy sing with her. She loves to make a little handle with her arm when we sing "I'm a Little Tea Pot." She also loves to clap her hands when we sing "If You're Happy and You Know It." It is amazing to think that this time last year she was still living in my belly and now she is doing all these things. It sure happens fast. Hard to believe I will be saying the same thing soon about my little boy.

No wonder everyone says to enjoy the baby stage. It really doesn't last, does it? :)

Little Ham

While things have not completely settled back to normal, Charlotte has been feeling much better lately. She was hamming it up for the camera last Monday right before we went to find out that she was having a little brother. It is nice that she is finally willing to smile and not just gawk at the camera. Of course it helped that I was acting like a complete fool and she kept laughing at me.

I believe our little one is trying to drop a nap. She is also becoming much more independent. She is learning to eat with a spoon and it is driving me absolutely crazy because I can't keep her clean. Letting her feed herself is the only way I can get her to eat and I know I just need to get over it. I certainly want her to feed herself. She is doing a great job of keeping our dogs fed. She LOVES to share her meals with them as well. I have to be very watchful of her though. She will give them a bite and then eat the rest herself. I know, AWFUL!!!! :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

It's A Boy!

Well, we found out today that Charlotte is going to have a little brother. We are both thrilled and Doug is very excited (this is what he was hoping for). It was plain as day and everything was obviously there - it definitely looked much different than when we found out that Miss Charlotte was a girl - and I guess it should be that way. :) Unfortunately the synographer did not take a picture of his manhood for us to share (why in the world would she not do this is beyond me. I told Doug later that I didn't really like her and she seemed like she was in a rush or bored or something. Sure enough, while we were waiting for our CD of the pictures she walks out with purse in hand going home. We must have been her last appointment and she was ready to go.)

He was an active little thing. The whole time the synographer kept saying how active he was. He was punching and kicking away. This was very different from Miss Charlotte. She was pretty quiet. That is all I need - a rowdy little boy to accompany an independent older sister. I think I am going to have my hands full.

Your prayers are appreciated as we continue through the second half of the pregnancy. I will be 22 weeks on Friday and we have so much to get done and purchase before this baby gets here. I am not proud, for all of you that have boy things you want to get rid of PLEASE call me (or email me). We will accept them with open arms. :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Just so you all know that I am human I am giving you this post. Ahhhh! Things have been tough ever since I wrote my last post about having a positive attitude. God really has a sense of humor that I do not always appreciate. Literally two days after I posted on my 30th Charlotte became ill. We have been battling something - either her or myself ever since. From snotty noses, to throwing up, to her not sleeping through the night, not taking naps, ear infections, ect. it has happened. She is currently "crying it out" in her crib right now because she refuses to take a nap and won't let me console her.

I feel like I live only indoors. With all the sickness and fever we haven't gotten out much, not even to celebrate my birthday (thank God for Doug who has been willing to run to the grocery store, pick up meds, and help out when needed). I realize it could be much worse but a full month of this has gotten old quickly. Daily I try to remind myself of what I posted several weeks back on September 24th - constantly a mind battle to be positive when I am sick of all of this. I am tired, still congested from my own cold, and not to mention five months pregnant. My father graciously reminded me that two sick babies are going to be harder than one. - again, getting me to realize that it could be worse.

Then I think of other friends and family that are going through much worse, sick babies that they just brought home from the hospital, friend's siblings who are fiercely struggling with drug addictions, marriages that are on the rocks, financial woes in this economy, losing family members. A month's worth of sickness doesn't seem so bad when thinking of these things. But even in my small attitude adjusting trial I need the help of my heavenly Father - as I cried out to him this afternoon. "Lord, you are going to have to help me with this. I can't do this myself!" Probably not the most respectful way to cry out to my Savior, but a desperate plea from a mother who just wants a little sanity right now. :)

I know many of you can identify. Whatever you are going through - hang in there.

On a lighter note, we find out the sex of the baby on Monday, October 20th. Check back for a post next week.