Saturday, April 10, 2010

Trip To Aunt Meg's

Charlotte with Uncle Grant - He is an officer in the Army

Sweet Sleeping baby - both the kids did so well traveling and with taking their naps.

Just up from his nap, staring at his Uncle Grant, trying to figure out who he was.

This week was Doug's Spring Break. We stayed home - one to save money, and two, so that I could work without paying a sitter. My sister-in-law, Meg, and her husband, Grant, were just re-stationed back in Columbus, GA. They have been in Louisianna for quite a while now and we are thrilled to have them so much closer to us.

We decided to use one of Doug's days this week to take a day trip down there to see them. Meg is pregnant with their first child and it was great to see her little baby bump growing.

Sadly, there are no pictures of Aunt Meg - what was I thinking - but we had a wonderful time, the kids did great, and they both thoroughly enjoyed playing with their aunt and uncle. :)

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Amy said...

So glad yall had a fun time!! I hate it when I look at the pictures and realize that I totally missed someone! Ugh!!