Thursday, September 30, 2010


If you know me and you know me well you know I am a very task oriented person. Chop it up to being the oldest of six, or that I was homeschooled for the latter part of my education, or just to my personality, regardless I am a bonified list maker. My list making abilities have changed over time and usually the list only exists in my head, but there are times where I must write it all down, get it on paper as to not forget and lose focus.

Well, sadly, playfulness is not usually entered on my "list of things to do" and with two toddlers under the age of three there is A LOT of playfulness that goes on in our house. Don't get me wrong, I play with my kids but it is normally during "scheduled times."

On this particular day Doug wasn't going to be home until really late. I decided to keep the kids home that afternoon - not fill it with one of my tasks - like running an errand - and I decided to get creative. Charlotte and Douglass Charles were thrilled when I took the tent outside in our "woods" and prepared dinner and brought it out for them to eat at our little campground. Originally I had thought we would eat in the tent, but I soon discovered there was no way we were going to accomplish that with those two kiddos - who turned the tent over within five minutes of it being outside.

The kids LOVED it. We played, ate, played and went back to eat some more. Then we pretended to be airplanes - including me - and flew down our hill buzzing away in the wind. Then we were off hopping down the hill like rabbits - hop, hop, hop - and then it was back to airplanes again.

We had such fun that evening - just playing, enjoying each other's compnay. It was fun to join in the world of a one and two year old for an hour or so - putting my list aside - relishing those sweet squeals and giggles as mommy made a complete fool of herself.

Here's hoping you add a little playfulness to your day!

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Amy said...

That sounds so fun!!! Way to be spontaneous!