Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Girly Birds

My dear friend Suzie contacted me recently for an order. She wanted my "For the Birds Pack" and made a special request - she wanted bows in their feathers. So I set out to priss up my collection of birds and I believe Miss Penguine, Miss Owl, and Miss Chick look quite pretty all dolled up with their new accessories.

All kidding aside, I did fall in love with this idea and appreciate Suzie's creative mind. Like so many of my customers, she gave me a great idea and one that I will use going forward. So thanks to Suzie, and all of you out there, who have made special requests. It adds life, fun, and something special to my little designs. Hope you enjoy the Girly Birds.

1 comment:

The Kimmels said...

LOVE LOVE THEM! & I know Lauren will too! Can't wait to give them to her on Saturday! I should be thanking YOU for being so creative! You're the best! Thanks again.