Thursday, September 16, 2010


My boy is a fruit lovin' fool. I actually have to reserve fruit until the end of the meal because he won't eat anything else if a piece of canteloup, grape, or plum is offered with dinner. On this particular day he requested a plum. He thinks he is big stuff if he can eat the whole thing by himself - not cut up - so I let him have at it. He ran off - as usual - with the plum in hand and headed outdoors (his favorite place to be). I was inside finishing up dinner, Charlotte was coloring, and after a few moments I realized he hadn't come back inside. So I glanced out the kitchen window and this is what I saw - My little guy as content as he could be sitting in a chair on the back patio all by his lonesome enjoying his precious plum.

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Courtney said...

okay that is about as precious as it gets!!! so sweet :). He is such a boy now!