Monday, September 27, 2010


This weekend I celebrated my 32nd birthday. I swear I don't know where a year goes, but it doesn't seem like it was that long since I celebrated my 31st.

Friday was a pretty normal day - as most birthdays are - but my in-laws came in and treated me to dinner. The whole fam went out and then we headed back here for cake and gifts. Doug also gave me the beautiful yellow flowers you see here and they have been a bright addition to the kithcen table - especially over a somewhat rainy weekend.

I truly felt like the 25th was my celebration day. Suzie insisted that I not let my birthday pass quietly (which was my initial desire) and talked me into having a couple of friends meet up for brunch on Saturday. Anna, Amy, Suzie and I headed over to Marietta Square for some girl time at Sugar Cakes. I thoroughly enjoyed my morning off and time catching up with friends - Thanks, Suz, for "talking me into it."

The true highlight of the weekend for me was Saturday evening. Doug's parents graciously offered to keep the kids so Doug and I could have a date night. We headed back to the square and ate at Simpatico - where I had a delictable lobster mac and cheese and a couple glasses of my favorite reisling. Doug and I also wandered around some shops, casually looked around at Barnes and Noble (which I haven't done in a LONG time), and enjoyed some ice cream before heading home.

It truly was a relaxed and fun weekend and I appreciate all those that wanted to make it special. Despite my wanting to pass this birthday quietly, I think we celebrated it up quite well. :)

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The Kimmels said...

I'm glad I talked you into it too. ;) It was fun celebrating with you & having some girl time!