Friday, September 3, 2010


We received these gorgeous grape tomatoes (not sure if they are grape, but they were obviously small) in our Farmers Market Basket last week. The color on them was so bright and vivid. I just had to photograph them.

It was fun to enjoy little details that afternoon while I was prepping dinner and these little tomatoes have found their way into salads, on tacos, and snacked on over the last few days. I am not a huge raw tomato fan, but I have learned to appreciate them over the summer - in BLT's, on a salad, and I love them in salsas and sauces.

I love the last photo of my little man. He was whining for one, begging at the edge of the table for a taste. I offered him one and he did not appreciate them as much as I. He immediately spit it out.

So, here's hoping you are able to enjoy some small details over this long weekend. Happy Labor Day!

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