Friday, May 28, 2010

Two Peas In a Pod

My mother always says that she needs a vacation from her vacation and boy have I felt that way this week. The groceries, laundry, catching up on orders and work, getting the kids back on some kind of schedule, establishing our routine. Ah, I am worn out, but I couldn't let the week get by without at least getting one group of pictures up from our trip.

Charlotte and Adeline were two peas in a pod the whole time we were together and those girls seriously love one another - with an occasional fight or two. Come on, they are two after all. Mary Catherine and I dressed them up in the matching tulip outfits I made them and carted the girls and Douglass Charles off to do a little shopping. The girls definitely got a lot of comments and we had to explain on several occasions that they were not twins or sisters, but cousins.

We had such a blast with them and the rest of our family - so much so that Charlotte keeps requesting various family members and to return to her Nannah's house. If only...

So Happy Friday and Happy long weekend. I will be back next week with more pictures and guess what - an anniversary celebration. Yes, June 1st, The English Pea turns 1 so stay tuned for the festivities.


Janice said...

The girls are adorable. . . love their outfits :)

Amy said...

Such cute dresses!!! Precious!