Friday, May 14, 2010

{bedtime play}

We are off to enjoy PGA golf, my inlaws, and my hometown with my mom. I couldn't leave you, though, without something fun so here is our bedtime play - which occurs most evenings right after baths and right before brushing teeth (fyi... happens between 7:30 and 7:50 if you ever want to stop by for some fun. Just kidding). So here is a play by play. Enjoy and I will have lots to post when we get back!

They normally start off with the slide and Douglass Charles insists Charlotte help him down.

Then it is off to the tent to play peek-a-boo.

Charlotte normally hangs in the tent for a while enjoying some toy she finds in there, while Douglass Charles grows bored and starts throwing a ball.

Then it is back to the slide again - static hair and all.

Bedtime play wouldn't be complete without at least one meltdown or fight breaking out - thus Douglass Charles sitting atop the slide obviously upset about who knows what.

And lest you think Doug and I are nowhere to be found, we are usually sitting right there watching the whole thing unfold.

The children normally grow tired of their games so Charlotte normally seeks out something new - this night she opted for funning around with Daddy.

Douglass Charles is always on her heals - and honestly, horsing around is "all she wrote" for a boy!

Wishing you happy play and evenings full of family fun. See you next week!


Amy said...

aww-that's fun! Hope you have a fun week! DC must be teething pretty bad--his shirt is soken wet!

auntiem4cabs said...

Its so funny, reading your blog from 'afar'. One day you are pregnant with Charlotte, then Douglas and now they are up and running and playing with each other. Time truly does go that fast. <3 Mv.