Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Douglass Charles LOVED the goats. He squealed and squealed over them.

Charlotte wore her hat for a good little while - I was surprised

Charlotte with Paxton's Grandpa feeding the goats - she wouldn't do it if Doug or I helped her.

Charlotte sitting with Paxton, the birthday boy, and Jayden. These two guys are her buddies.

Douglass Charles relishing in the goodness of the outdoors.

Charlotte and me (with Douglass Charles) in our matching outfits checking out the chickens.

The last Sunday of April we got to enjoy Paxton's birthday party. His parents threw quite the cowboy's hoe down at the Inn at Serenbe down in Palmetto, Georgia. The place was serene, beautiful, and quite frankly graceful.

Amy commissioned me to make custom invitations for their gig and I was more than happy to oblige - I will post on that later. But I was embarassed after creating and printing them that I did not realize where the location was. I went to google it and low and behold, it looked very familiar. The Inn at Serenbe was featured in Southern Living Magazine a few months back and I was so taken with the write up about it I went exploring on their website. You can imagine my excitement when I realized that we were going to get to experience it.

It truly is a beautiful place and they had horses, pigs, goats, and chickens for the children to pet and feed. After a hearty dinner of delicious BBQ made by Paxton's Dad, Brad, we all loaded up for a hay ride and got to explore the beauty of the farm some more.

We had a wonderful time and we enjoyed getting to share in Paxton's special day. Thanks, Amy and Brad, for including us in your wonderful and gracious festivities. :)

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Amy said...

Thanks for the sweet post and for the pictures! I am glad to see pics of him eating. I had worried he hadn't eaten anything.