Friday, May 7, 2010

She's At it Again!

Seriously, I cannot get over how good these pictures are. You may remember my friend, Suzie - the one that took all the wonderful photos of Douglass Charles' first birthday. Well, she also happens to be BFF with Amy, Paxton's mother, and was there snapping away pictures of everyone at his birthday party - see below.

Suzie is also a beautiful redhead and she and my Charlotte have a special connection (and I ain't lyin' about that). These just turned out beautifully and she seems to just get better and better. My mother actually commented after seeing the photos that we were adopting her into the family and she was coming along with us on family vacation this summer. :)

So Suzie - thanks again for such beautiful work. These are stunning!

To check out her portfolio or to contact her for yourself just stop by here. Happy Friday and Happy Mother's Day to you all!


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The Kimmels said...

Thanks for the teary eyes this morning. You are too sweet & I definitely needed to hear that as I head out for 2 portrait sessions this morning! It really is funny and too cute about my special bond with Charlotte. I'm sure she was put in my life to make me realize having a girl would be just perfect too. I would only wish that she would have red hair. ;) I adore her...oh, and I adore Douglas Charles too. (I swear I laugh out loud everytime I say that because it seems like I'm favoring one over the other). ha! Thanks again for the sweet post!