Thursday, May 13, 2010

Atlanta Zoo

Looking at the giraffes

Charlotte is on the train here and other than the monkeys, it was her favorite thing - but you couldn't tell by looking at this face. :)

Douglass Charles looking out at something

Thomas chewing on the straps to the stroller

Charlotte looking out at the lion

Charlotte and Emma Grace enjoying the peanut butter and honey sandwiches Joy made them. They insisted on sitting by one another.

About two weeks ago we headed off to meet our friends, the Derrers', at the Atlanta Zoo. Joy is a friend of mine from way back and is from the area. Our lives somewhat parallell as we both have irish twins and our oldest are girls and youngest are boys. There are two differences between us though, her two are 11 months apart while mine are 15. She also is expecting baby girl #3 in August - giving her irish triplets.

We were so thrilled to catch up with them and enjoy a fun day. They have season passes, so we got to go for free (so nice and thanks for sharing, Joy!). They live about an hour away so we don't get to visit as much as we like, but we are sure to schedule our times together so we don't go too long without seeing one another. Her kiddos are just precious - Emma Grace and Thomas - and Joy is such a special friend.

Thanks, Derrers', for the invite, wonderful picnic lunch, and for the great company! We had a blast!

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