Monday, September 5, 2011


Many of you may not remember my post from here or that a year ago I lost my job (see post here), but from that layoff last year there have been plenty of low professional moments for me. Any of you who have lost a job know, that regardless of the circumstances surrounding it, one's ego takes a big hit.

I also was really discouraged the first of the year wondering why I couldn't seem to get this little business "off the ground." The fact was, things were going relatively well considering I didn't lose money in 2010, but I was wanting more.

In June Doug and I had a real heart to heart about finances. We both had been looking for other means of income to try to conquer some of the school debt we have incurred from Doug's Masters. As many of you know, especially in education, going back to school is a necessary evil - especially when one wants to move into leadership.

So with a heavy heart I began to do some praying. With the economy I knew finding part-time work for either of us was going to hard. We did some looking, Doug did some applying, but nothing panned out. Not even a class I put together to teach during the summer while I had free childcare.

My parents were praying too (they are great this way and usually pray for things before I even ask them). And during this time I had an aha moment. I know, you are going to think, seriously, but it came to me that I already have a "part time job" with The English Pea Studio. The problem was, I hadn't started paying myself. I was just dumping any money I made back into the business.

Now, I know that this is necessary especially in the beginning, but I realized after making a profit last year maybe I needed to reevaluate things. So I did, paying our little family my first "paycheck" that month.

And you know what happened, since then, every single month, God has provided more business for me than I even dreamed possible. Seriously! No lie, May was my best month ever since being in business and in August - that number doubled. I have been quite overcome with His provision and quite honestly, surprised. I know this seems silly, but it was like when Doug and I finally decided to make this step the business started coming.

Now, we aren't back to what I was making last year working my "day" job, but I can see that God is opening doors for me and I am quite overcome with emotion, humility, and ultimately gratitude. So for those of you that have just found me and those of you that have been sticking along side me and cheering me on - Thanks! I am humbled that God is beginning to give me this dream that I have had as long as I can remember - a dream of owning a creative business!


Julie said...

Alison thank you so much for sharing you encouraging words. You are a wondeful mother and I am so happy to see how God has provided the additional business/income for your family. So happy that I will have a little one soon and can order many of your precious items. I already have my eye on a few!!!! Thanks again for sharing.

Cottonista said...

Alison, I just lost my stay-at-home job a few months ago--a "dream job" of medical transcription that unfortunately (for me) is seeing the end of its days. I'm really enjoying all my "free" time now, and I'm loving the chance to be more creative in my sewing room. I am glad you are seeing answers to prayer in your area of finances. I will definitely have to hit you up for some creative business tips!

Amy said...

Yay! Congratulations!! So excited for you and your business!!!