Monday, September 12, 2011


A week ago Saturday we had a somewhat leisurely morning at home and before the whirlwind of our day started the kids happened upon these caterpillars. With the lack of rain and the end of the season I have let my plants go, but it seems that the caterbugs (as DC likes the call them) have not. They are taking full advantage of these plants and are obviously getting their fill - see how fat they are.

These little critters have provided a wealth of entertainment and while I like nothing with a worm like figure, these little guys are quite interesting in their own right. It is amazing how easily they blend in with their enviornment. I do love, though, that my kids are in love with them (and nature for that matter). I just try to put my girly self to the side so as not to damage their intrigue. That camera lense is about as close as I am getting. :)

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