Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Restless Night

Monday evening I had a truly restless night. I got a call from my boss Monday morning asking me to meet with him before our department meeting that was scheduled for this Thursday. When he said I could bring the kids (because I explained I had lost my sitter) I knew his message would most likely not be positive.

I have known for a while that things were affecting business. Thankfully, Chick-fil-A still does pretty well despite what is going on around them - I chop it up to God blessing the fruit of the labors of those who founded that company. So when my boss informed me that my position was being absolved I wasn't completely surprised.

I am officially unemployed. Being laid off has its ups, I mean, I have just been handed what I have wanted for FOREVER - to be home full time and to concentrate my creative energy on The English Pea. But what I am experiencing is a little blow to the ole ego. Oh, a good dose of humility can't hurt me, but I am amazed at how much it makes me question my ability, talents, and even my creativity. It is definitely a form of rejection and in its worst kind for this people pleaser - rejection from a superior.

Thankfully God is good and I couldn't have planned it for myself any better. The finances will work out and we will one day look back on this and smile at God's grace, mercy, and provision. And honestly, how can I be disappointed about less stress, more playdates, picnics, and creative energy to give to the two cutest kids I know. I get to go forward creating memories and truly relishing in the wonderful life I have been given.

So, for this laid off lady I am going to brush it off and venture forward living out my dream of being wife and mother - with a little creativity thrown in between.

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Courtney said...

I'm so sorry Alison. I would have reacted the same way. I know that had to have been extremely difficult to hear and process.

As you said in your post, God will provide, and you will get to focus all of your creativity and energy into your sweet little ones and business. So even though it is hard, I can tell that you have the right attitude and that probably not even a month will go by and you will be able to look back at this with a grateful heart.