Friday, September 16, 2011

abercrombie and fitch

Yes, I know I am a bit biased and yes, I am dating myself here (although you must admit abercrombie always did have gorgeous models) but my little guy has been suffering from a buzz cut. He stands by every day as I comb Charlotte's hair (while she screams) and then is told that she looks beautiful. He, with barely any hair, had none to comb.

We have been growing it out for Aunt Sarah's wedding and he has come to me repeatedly asking me to fix it. So, this is what we did the other day, and well, lets just say, he was pretty thrilled with it. I must admit, he did look a bit like a little model and he thoroughly enjoyed the attention his new-found hairstyle brought him. :)


Adventures in our army life said...

I Love it! He looks very handsome!

The Kimmels said...

So precious! I can't wait for Will to have some hair!! :)