Monday, June 27, 2011

to the zoo

On our way - it is about a 45 minute drive
(have I mentioned that seeing this makes me want a minivan.
I never thought I would say that! )

 First carousel ride - not too sure!

 Sorry, in order to see Charlotte's expression in this picture
 I had to really over expose it. Not a great shot, but I love her face.

At this point he was holding on for dear life. :)

It was a bit of a zoo taking five children under the age of six to the zoo last week with my friend, Angela. BUT... we all had a wonderful time and everyone really did do fairly well. Angela invited us and with her passes and her youngest being under two we all got in FREE (well, Angela I guess didn't technically since she paid for season passes, but you get the idea). Charlotte was thirlled with the giraffes - didn't hurt that their was a baby giraffe. Douglass Charles loved the monkeys, but the highlight was the carousel.

Think what you may, but Charlotte and DC have never been on a carousel. I am not really sure why. Come to think of it we really haven't been anywhere where they could have ridden one. I was afraid that Charlotte might be a little nervous - she is my cautious one - but she nearly threw a fit when we had to get off - she loved it so. DC is my adventerous one and opted to watch the carousel the entire time we were at the playground. Once we got on it, he never smiled, and the longer we road, the more he looked like things weren't okay. Finally, with about two minutes left he started crying and wanted off. My kids never cease to amaze me.

Thanks to the Zenus family for a wonderful day and for letting us bum off their passes. We had a wonderful time!

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j i l l said...

Is that your adorable red race car appliqued on a blue T? LOVE it! I want one! (Well, for my boys . . . you know what I mean!)