Sunday, June 19, 2011

12 reasons...

We had a very fun-filled Father's Day weekend. It is so fun that the kids can really get into it. They loved giving their dad gifts, creating a craft for him, and helping me make him a chocolate cheesecake. We thoroughly enjoyed a jam packed family filled weekend - spent at our first Rome Braves Game with friends, a delicious steak dinner, church on Sunday, the US Open that afternoon, and fun with friends again that evening. We let Doug skip out with the other family's dad to watch the US Open in peace at a local Sport's bar (if you have or have had littles you know it is impossible to watch anything on tv without interruption). But my favorite, and I think Doug would agree, would be the cards the kids made Doug for Father's Day.

I used my little template that I made available for everyone to print and I let the kids tell me reasons why they were thankful or appreciate their dad and here is the list they came up with:
Douglass Charles:
Dad, thank you for...
1. wrestling with me.
2. being a pony on the floor (for him to ride).
Dad, I appreciate...
1. how you play ball with me.
2. your hugs (yes, this literally came out of his mouth).
3. your piggy back rides.

Dad, I appreciate...
1. the way you say the blessing.
2. when you color with me.
3. your hugs
4. how you play with me.
5. family movie nights.
Dad, thank you for...
1. having fun with me.
2. working hard so we can buy gummies (Charlottes favorite food and my favorite quote of the day).

I was thrilled with their responses and surprised at the things they mentioned. They really do notice more than I think. I was touched by their little words. I think their dad was too - seeing as I saw a little tear in his eye.

Happy Father's Day!

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lbrownfield said...

Oh, my goodness, that is so sweet! Those kids really, truly love their Daddy! Made me want to cry too.