Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer Evenings

With Doug officially home for the summer, things get a bit laid back around here. I do try to keep up with the housework, and I manage to exercise a bit more when he is here, but for the most part, it is all about relaxation. Mornings are usually filled with time at the pool and afternoons are still spent at home with the children napping. But one of my very favorite activities are our summer evenings.

Unlike where I grew up, Georgia evenings are delightful. Around 7:00 the sun is setting and the weather and humidity become a bit milder. If there is a breeze in the air it is just perfect. My two little ones love to throw on their bathing suits and play in their little pool or take a "sprinkler" shower. They play while Doug and I rest in the patio chairs sipping a favorite beverage. We talk, put our feet up, and just enjoy the last few moments before the day turns to night.After the kids are good and water logged we dry them off, scoop them up, and ready them for bed.

This is a time I know I will look back on and miss when the kiddos are grown - or just too cool for the little pool anymore. Maybe by that time they will enjoy a simple chat on the back patio before heading off on their own summer adventures. Regardless, I cherish our times together - the ease, the simplicity, and the family togetherness they bring.

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Amy said...

So sweet!!! I completely agree!!!! Summer nights are awesome and these moments will pass way too quickly! Pax had his first encounter with a slip n slide tonight. That would be my suggestion for your next memory. :)