Tuesday, June 7, 2011

planting seeds...

I have been hard at work fostering these plants, hoping they will not only grow, but produce. I am not a patient person so gardening has always been a challenge for me. The amount of TLC plants need - the watering, the planting, the weeding - just the attention, it is a lot of work.

I am reading a book right now that has really made me think about planting seeds - but in a relational sense. And that whether we are aware
of it or not, we are always planting seeds. Sometimes they are beautiful flowers and sometimes they are weeds. Sadly, because we are human the weeds can tend to flurish much more readily and when we find a relationship a little sour, ugly, or just overgrown, we tend to want to back away, run away, or just give up, or just start over.

The book is primarily speaking of marriage and I have discovered that I have just plain become lazy in tending this precious garden. But I have also realized that I have basically become lazy with many relationships, not taking the time to plant the good seeds and tend caringly to them.

So this got me to thinking, why do I expect beautiful, fulfilling, wonderful relationships with my hubby, children, family, and friends if I am not tending those gardens with vigor, creativity, love, and grace. That is not what I am going to get. If I want beauty and fulfillment then I have to do a better job at not just planting, but tending. I can't get so busy, so wrapped up in the every day that I have no energy to tend and care.

So... if you find yourself feeling a bit humdrum about your relationships it might be time for a little pruning and sowing seeds that will in the end reap a wonderful and beautiful harvest.

Now... if I can just wait a few more days before plucking these juicy tomatoes off the vine. Did I mention my lack of patience. Happy Planting!

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