Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Seeing Santa for the 1st Time

Charlotte is three and this is the first year we have taken her to visit Santa Claus. Thankfully he visits our neighborhood every year and we got to forgo the long line and price at the ole mall. She was SO excited about seeing him this year. Talked about it to the point I thought Doug and I were going to scream, so Sunday, snow and all, we headed to our clubhouse to see the big man in red.

She did it, but all a little relunctantly. You can tell she is pretty tentative in these photos. As for her little brother, it was an absolute no go! He didn't like him one little bit. He actually was running from him later on - but also waving even later from all the way across the room.

It was fun to do this with neighborhood friends. In the last two photos you see two of our new neighborhood friends, Kendall and McKenna. Kendall is five and Charlotte LOVES her - how could you not with that adorable curly blonde hair and her sweet blue eyes. Kendall is quite sweet to her and plays with her all the time. McKenna is her younger sister. Douglass Charles loves the "baby" as he calls her and I do too. I am constantly holding her - getting my baby fix much to Doug's delight. They also have a brother, Griffin, who is Charlotte's age and we are just thankful that their family and ours have become friends - crazy that we have lived down the road from eather other for about seven years now and just met for the first time this summer at the pool.

I am hoping that next year's visit with Santa goes a little more smoothly. Wouldn't it be nice to get a photo of both the kids on Santa's lap? :)

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