Sunday, December 19, 2010

Holiday Trim

Here are just a few photos of our holiday trim throughout the house. I have two trees this year - the family tree and my tree (that I get to dress up in the dining room). This was our solution several years ago as Doug and I have some differing styles when it comes to holiday decor. He is all about the kids and I want Southern Living. Southern Living is not condusive to children and I agree that as a family we want the holidays right now to be all about our little ones. I still get my dressy tree, though :).

It is funny to think how our decor has changed over the years. I used to have lots of bows and I was in love with real greenery, and holly on the mantle - at times I also used Magnolia branches, candles - I think every room had something festive in it. Sadly, with the kids and dogs I have forgone some of our live elements. It is just easier, but boy was it pretty. I am still pleased with our little ensemble. I feel like it represents where we are right now as a family and it serves its festive purpose.

I still have yet to get pictures of the outdoors. The weather has just been too darn cold - snow, ice and rain. Hopefully I will snap a couple of shots before the big day arrives.


Green With Envy Studios said...

You decorations are cute!! I was wondering where you got the kiddo's stockings from they are precious!

Anitria :)

Alison said...

Got them from Pottery Barn last year after the holidays and then had them ebroidered from a local vendor. I liked the way the turned out - and they kind of coordinate with the old fashion stockings Doug and I have from our childhoods. Glad you like them.