Thursday, December 16, 2010

Little Miss Dorothy

Much to Doug's utter dismay, Douglass Charles has fallen in love with Charlotte's red, sparkly shoes. Please do tell me, what is a boy supposed to do when everything that is cool is wrapped up in the being of his older sister. Douglass Charles truly immulates everything Charlotte does and thinks she hangs the moon, and so obviously he loves her favorite pair of shoes.

Thankfully, I am not too concerned about his masculinity and I assure Doug that he has nothing to worry about. The kid is pretty fast, already has a decent arm, loves any type of ball game - playing or watching, adores trucks, and is loud and rough like most boys. He just may be a little more into fashion than the average guy. But hey, if my little brother can grow up smack dab in the middle of five girls and not be too worse for the wear, there is hope for Douglass Charles. Not to mention these are going to make great embarassing photos when the girls start coming around. :)

1 comment:

Amy said...

Haha!! That's hilarious!!! Those are some cute shoes!