Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Handmade Holiday

Between the homemade gifts and the handcrafted Christmas outfits, my fingers have been hard at work. The great little flower pins are for all the little girls in my life - shhh! Don't tell. And of course the outfits are for the kiddos. I just hate that Christmas Eve will be the first time they get to wear them. I am also sorry that this is the last garment I get to smock my little guy - as he is nearing the age of 2 (and the cut off for smocked clothing for boys in our house. SAD!).

I got the idea for the pins from a tutorial on one of my favorite blog reads at the moment - Jones Design Company. I love her classic style and she has so many WONDERFUL tutorials she shares over there - including the one for the pin you can find here.

The outfits for the kids were really a "creation" of my own. Obviously the patterns weren't, but I found something in Castles & Crowns catalog that I loved that determined the colors for the garments. The smocking pattern I adapted to match for both a boy and girl (Doug felt that Christmas trees alone would be a bit too feminine for Douglass Charles). I was pleased with the turnout and even more thrilled with my first bishop (Charlotte's dress. I had never done/pleated/smocked this pattern before). It is my favorite style for girls and I was thrilled to learn just how easy it was.

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Julie said...

Way to go! The outfits looks amazing. I can't wait to see the kids in them.