Monday, December 20, 2010

Favorite Holiday Traditions: Christmas Lights

There was nothing more fun to me as a little girl than seeing all the beautiful Christmas lights displayed outside. We lived in a small town, so we would venture out to see lights here and there, but it was never really a tradition.

Doug's family is from Birmingham, so they had tons and tons of lights to see every year. They made a point each year to pile up in the car/van and venture out to see all the beautiful creations in their neighborhood and neighborhoods around. Even as adults - when we go to his parents' for Christmas - his family will still get out to see the lights.

Doug wanted to carry on that tradition this year with our kids. We headed out last night to see what we could find. With the kids strapped in - marshmellows and chocolate milk in hand, a movie playing (we knew they wouldn't be able to hold out the whole time), we picked up some starbucks for us and we went a looking. It was fun to just be together and look at all those beautiful, twinkling lights.

I also got a few snapshots of our little light display. Not quite the Griswolds, but fun nonetheless.

I hope in years to come we can carry on this simple, yet fun tradition as we anticipate the coming of Christmas day!

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Joanne Owen said...

We didn't do light looking so much, but we did make lots of honey deliveries over the years!