Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Traditions: From Others

So I must apologize for my very limited blog posts lately. I have a backlog of photos that need to be downloaded and a few more to take of the Christmas decor. I have been so very busy with Christmas orders, the kids outfits, baking, and gift buying - as well as just some Christmas family fun - that I have neglected this little part of my life. I hope to have more things to share in the coming days - seeing as the kids' outfits are basically done (can someone remind me why I put this undue pressure on myself? Regardless, they turned out great!).

Today I wanted to share a tradition from my sister-in-law's family that I believe is very unique to them, but wonderful nonetheless. Mary Catherine is married to my brother, Owen, she is also mother to my niece, Adeline, who is also the same age as Charlotte. She is from my hometown so I have known her and her family for quite a long time.

Mary Catherine comes from a line of men who are restaurantuers and food is their game. Last Christmas, when the whole family was together I learned of one of her family's traditions. We had just finished up unwrapping presents, were about the sit down to the breakfast table and there was a knock at the door. Quite puzzled the whole Moore possy headed to the door. There we found Mary Catherine's father, Rob, and her brother, Elliot, at the door delivering a fried turkey - in their pj's no doubt :).

Fried turkey is not something we do at my mother's house - mainly because we don't really know how to - so to say we were excited was an understatement. Her father and brother wished us a Merry Christmas, hugs all around, and then they headed out to deliver yet another turkey to a close friend or family member.

According to Mary Catherine, this is something they enjoy doing ever year. Granted, they have the set up to do it (it would be quite difficult to fry turkeys and take them around if you didn't have a commercial kitchen), but I thought this was a very unique and fun tradition - and generous too.

So thanks, Faircloths, for the delicious turkey last year and for sharing your Christmas cheer that is so unique to your own family!

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