Thursday, September 10, 2009

The words of a child or a whistle of a man?

So, I know, the pictures aren't posted yet. Ya'll, it has been a busy week. Hopefully I will get to it this weekend. But after my kind of pitiful post I decided to post something funny that happened to me over the last several days.

Now all of you know I have birthed two children in two years and after being pregnant for that amount of time looking like a non-pregnant woman again has been very welcomed.

While at Doug's softball game the other night a girl about 5 years old started playing with Charlotte. She was very inquisitive and started asking about the baby. She very politely let me know that I looked like I was having another baby. I told her no, that what she saw was a little pudge that was left over from the baby sitting in the stroller. Much to my dismay, she again assured me that it sure did look like another baby was on the way.

Obviously, this was unwelcome news. There is one thing I know about children - they are pretty truthful about their opinions.

Yesterday, as I was running errands - not looking my best I might add - I got several whistles from some guys as I ran into a store quickly. Now, let me just tell you how odd this was for me. I honetsly looked around to see who they were whistling at (I got whistles when I was a bit younger but it has been QUITE SOME TIME. I knew that I was looking older several years ago when I ran into some college guys and they kind of looked passed me and said "Excuse me, Ma'am.")I still wasn't sure they really directed their sentiments at me. Then, as I quickly exited the building there they went again, looking at me and whistling away - really guys???

So, two different days, two different "comments." For my ego's sake, I think I will go with the jerks who whistled my way. :)

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Amy said...

Congrats on the whistles!:-)