Friday, September 11, 2009

Two Little Monkeys...

Jumping on the Bed! Thankfully these little monkeys did not fall off and bump their heads. They did have a royally good time laughing and playing with one another. Now that Douglass Charles is sitting up well on his own Charlotte is interacting with him so much more. We have also had to get him an upright car seat because he was too long for his old one. Because he is facing backward he and Charlotte can look straight at one another. It is so fun to hear them giggling back and forth while I am driving them around in the car - most of the time Charlotte is laughing and squealing and Douglass Charles is looking at her like she is crazy. Nonetheless, it is fun to watch my kids become more like siblings and they truly do love and enjoy one another.

As for the jumping on the bed - I know my mother is frowning. I was never allowed to, so I let Charlotte from time to time. I guess when she bumps her head or breaks her arm my mother will get her chance to tell me "I told you so." Hopefully she won't get that opportunity. :)

On a side note: The English Pea was featured again today. Check it out at

More pictures to come!


Grant, Meg and Favre said...

aww...cant wait to see the 2 monkeys in 2 weeks!!! Charlotte looks like such a big girl now!! cant wait to see how much douglass charles has grown:)

Valerie said...

They are adorable, Alison!