Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's All About Me

Today, honestly, was one of those days - a good day, one that is rare especially when you are a mother and my children got to share in it. I had lunch with an old friend - you know the kind that you pick up wherever you left off every time you get together. It did my heart good. I also spoke with three of my closest friends in the whole world - my mother, my friend Juanita, and my friend Christy.

I know I have spoken very candidly on here about my struggles with loneliness and in all honesty it has been in the area of friendships. I have really felt that I was in the wilderness land, wandering around, raising my kids, with hardly a girlfriend to share in it with me. It is a very lonely road and for some reason or another this is where God has decided to place me - with my mother in Texas 16 hours away, one best friend in Florida and the other in Auburn.

Making friendships as an adult has been harder than I ever imagined. Why is this? I know other women feel this way because I have talked to them about it. I also know that others also feel they are wandering around in their own wilderness and I wonder why do we all have such a hard time connecting when we have so much in common. I couldn't tell you.

All I know, is it is days like these where I am encouraged and reminded that I have very dear friends. Some that know me better than I would like to think and those that I have stuck with me through many a trial and hardship. Kindred spirits are very rare so I am determined to cherish the ones that I have and not think about the ones I don't. Life is too short to stay in the wilderness! I am determined to make it to the promised land. :)

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