Friday, July 24, 2009

A Summer's Eve

If I have never mentioned it before, dusk is my favorite time of day. There is just something about the sun dropping behind the horizon, the cool breeze (especially in summer), the dimming of the light, the restfulness of the surroundings as all readies itself for sleep.

On this summer's eve Charlotte and I found ourselves out in the backyard with Jemison and Moe. This is a normal occurance for us after Douglass Charles goes down at 7:00. Doug normally is out there with us but he did not feel well this evening so he opted to stay indoors. Charlotte played while I made lists - what clothing the kids need this fall, ideas for The English Pea and so on. After a few moments Charlotte grew bored of her little games and asked for bubbles.

This is a favorite activity of she and her father. I normally get the pleasure of watching - which is always my choice. Tonight, with daddy inside, I got to take the honors.

We have a large bottle of bubbles with a "bubble wond" that is much longer than the little thingy in the small bottle you find at the store. I casually started waving the wond letting the bubbles fall as they may. Charlotte giggled with delight as she tried to catch them. Occasionally I would grab a bubble with the wond and offer it to her. She would immediately try to pick it up and it would quietly pop in her hands.

She began to grow tired of this so I decided to try something different. I dipped the wond into the bubbles, counted to three, said go and took off running with the bubbles falling behind me. Charlotte squealed with delight and came a running after. This went on for quite some time as we giggled and laughed and did it over again.

As I was running through our back yard feeling like a child myself I wanted to relish in that special moment with my little Charlotte. Watching her delight as she ran behind me winded, that precious smile plastered over her face, a look of joy that only a child can have, and the sun setting in the background with bubbles dancing about - I knew I wanted to remember that moment. It was a priceless ending to a summer's day. Who knew that something as simple as a bubble could grace a summer's eve in such a beautiful way. I love you, my sweet Charlotte!


The Kimmels said...

what a sweet moment to remember! you are so blessed!

Alison said...

Thanks! I know we are. You are sweet to comment. Hope you are well. Keep up with you mostly on Amy's blog. :)

Amy said...

That is a beautiful story! Great idea to capture the moment with the post!!!