Wednesday, July 29, 2009

An Aunt's Love

I became an aunt for the first time when my niece, Adeline, was born on January 16th, 2008. This was just two months after my giving birth to my own daughter and I truly wondered how I would feel about being an aunt - would it compare to my feelings for my child, would I love my little niece unconditionally, would the love just come? I was amazed the first time I held this sweet little girl. I fell in love with her immediately.

My sister Lauren (she is the sister who is right under me) is expecting her first child and is due next week. I have been elated about Baby Girl Brownfield's birth because I know I will love this little one instantly too. Sadly, her mommy and daddy live all the way out in Dallas, Texas, and it may be Christmas before I get to meet her. I was determined, though, to make her something special for her arrival. Thus, the dress and bonnet you see above.

This was a labor of love and the first smocked piece I have put together. I can't wait to see her precious little self all dolled up in her little gown and bonnet - if she looks anything like her mother did at that age she will look like an angel. So, Baby Girl Brownfield, I hope you know that I love you already and I can't wait to be your Aunt Alison - even if I do have to live so far away from you.


Anonymous said...

You did such a beautiful job. The dress and bonnet are precious. Momma Lauren and B G Brownfield are sure to cherish them--and I'm certain they will become a family heirloom. What a labor of love!

stephanie said...

beautiful, just beautiful. i try not to covet your talent:)

The Baggetts said...

Alison you did a great job! Coming from a fellow smocker I know how much time and love go into making an outfit. I am sure Lauren will treasure it forever!


Alison said...

Thanks for the kudos. It was fun to do - even if I was unsure I would get it done. I always enjoy making things for other people. Julie, if you have any suggestions on making inserting the smocking any easier I welcome your advice with open arms. :)

The Baggetts said...

No I did not do my invitation, but my calligraphy teacher did them. I hope one day I will be as good as she is! I am glad you liked them. If you will send me an e-mail I will be happy to forward you some samples and pricing!

I would love to share smocking plates. Emily and I scan them in all the time and share!

Kathryn Anne (Kate) said...


It turned out absolutely gorgeous! Like I've said before, I would spend a lot of money on something like that (if I had it) :) I am sure this will be so special to Lauren and baby Brownfield.

Love you!!

Amy said...

That is beautiful! You do great work!

The Kimmels said...

you are SO AMAZINGLY talented!

erin said...

These are totally exquisite! You should be very proud!