Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Backyard Oasis

Our beautiful yard

"Oh, so wonderful" says Charlotte.

Clapping her hands for joy!

Another view of the yard

Doug and I have literally dreamed of sodding our backyard since the day we purchased this house. If we had been smart we would have just done it when we bought it and added it to the mortgage, but like all first time home owners, we had a lot to learn about that whole process.

Doug's father approached us the last time we were over in Birmingham and told us that he wanted to sod the yard for us as long as Doug was willing to help him put it in. We were so grateful and excited about finally having a place for the kids and dogs to truly run around - and I was thrilled that the lovely Georgia red clay would no longer be making a grand appearance on my kitchen floor every time it rained.

They chose Father's Day weekend to undertake this task. Those guys worked their fanny's off and eventually had to hire a few guys to help. They tilled and sodded the entire thing and the weather was sunny, and very hot - 90+ degrees. My mother-in-law even got out there for a few hours to help.

I have no idea how they did it, but it looks great and we have so enjoyed sitting out on the back porch and playing with the dogs and letting Charlotte run everywhere. Thanks, Dad, for footing the bill and all the work. Thanks, honey, for a job well done - I think he is finally able to enjoy it now. For the first week or so I think the thought of the yard made him sick to his stomach after all that long, hot work! :)


stephanie said...

looks fantastic! i am so impressed doug!

Amy said...

That is so pretty! Now we just need to do ours! I may be contacting you to see where you got the sod and what you had to pay for it. :-)