Friday, July 17, 2009

Grandma Piano

Doug's grandmother, David's mom, passed through Birmingham with Doug's aunt and cousin on Sunday before we left for the mountains. The story goes that Grandma and Grandpa Piano got their name strictly because they had a piano in their home. I am guessing Andy (Doug's older brother) was able to remember them by that piano. Funny how family members get their names.

Thankfully, my grandmother has met Charlotte, Doug's grandparents, Susan's parents, have met and spent time with both kids, but David's (my father-in-law) parents live in Ohio and have not gotten to meet either of the children. It was nice for the kids to meet their great-grandma English and it was special for me to snap this photo of them both with her (not the greatest of pictures. It was during dinner). We are grateful to have so many of our grandparents still with us and to be able to watch them with our own children. It is such a blessing!

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auntiem4cabs said...

Beautiful Ali, thanks for sharing. I remember them as being 'grandma piano' too, from when the kids came to visit Youngstown. Your children are beautiful, and have an awesome set of parents, grandparents and great grandparents. GBY. Mair