Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day 2011

Forgive my evening post, but we have been quite a blurr over at the English Household. The snow came a fallin' as predicted and we have been enjoying our snow day. I finally got a minute to sit down and download photos - near a warm fire, watching Auburn football no doubt (hubby is the fan, I cheer for the Roll Tide! - but I am making an execption today and stating Warm Damn Eagle!)

For this South Alabama girl I truly don't even know how to prepare for snow. We stopped by Target Saturday night just to pick up a couple pairs of gloves because I didn't have any for the kids. And as you can see by our mismatched, too small clothing, I don't have much to dress the kiddos in either. Nonetheless, we doubled up on pants, socks, shirts and sweaters and layered enough to keep everyone warm enough to enjoy the glorious white stuff.

I must say the snow was much more fun this year. Charlotte was SO into it and loved every minute of it. Douglass Charles wasn't too sure of not having sure feet, but given a solid surface he was happy as a clam.

I was having so much fun I was threatening to head down the street and sled down some of our hills with the neighborhood boys. Not too sure how they would have felt about that, but I know I would have had a wonderful time - or killed myself. :)

Be sure to check back Wednesday. I have the cutest birthday party to share with you!

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Amy said...

I think you should have gone sledding!! That would have been fun!!

Can't wait to see the finished giraffe shirt as well as the birthday party!

Hope you're doing well!