Saturday, January 15, 2011

Scrap It Saturdays: Pink Giraffe Part 2

So my little red-head was quite pleased with my first Scrap it Saturdays project. She wouldn't take it off after our little photoshoot - which made her momma very happy.

I kept it very simple - no embellishments, just the figure and I didn't even use a satin stitch as you will see in the photo below. I did this for two reasons: The first, it snowed and we were trapped in our home so I was unable to get the necessary supplies. The second reason, I thought the project would be better being simple the first go around. So... scroll down for the directions and template and if you want ideas/patterns for the pants - just shoot me an email to I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. :) And I would love to hear if you recreate this idea (and share pictures please!)

iron on interfacing (can find at any fabric store)*
Spray adhesive

Preparing your shirt and applique for sewing. You will want to cut out the iron on interfacing to match your giraffe and iron together. Once put together take your spray adhesive and spray the interfacing side of the giraffe. Place on your t-shirt sticky side down.

Once you have placed it, I also like to pin a few areas just to be safe. Pick an area and sew around the edge of your applique. And snap, you are done! This will fray a bit once washed, but will still look very cute. Charlotte's pictures show a slightly frayed edge because I washed it

*Tip, if you have interfacing but it is not iron on, you can use the spray adhesive and spray your fabric and place the interfacing to the back. It works - because I did it here (no supplies, remember) - but I recommend the iron on interfacing. It works much better and stays in place.

Pretty easy if you ask me - just a simple straight stitch will do it every time!

This pattern is now available for sale - for a nominal fee - over at my shop. Please stop by there to purchase. Thanks!

And for those of you interested, you can find the kit available in the shop for purchase! Be sure to check back next Thursday for my first project for the boys! :)


The Dettling's said...

This is "sew" precious! Did you use embroidery thread or just regular thread? Isn't there a difference? I'm still new to all of this, and Court and I were going to work on some hand applique over the holidays but never got around to it. I think I'm going to start doing these, and designing some of my own boy templates. Thanks for the instruction! Love the simple step-by-step and photos! Makes it a little easier! :)

Courtney said...

Soooo cute! Love it :) I actually like the simple stich better...

Alison said...

Tally, there is a difference between the thread. I believe you can use normal thread if you are just doing a straight stitch, but if you did a satin stitch I would suggest using embroidery thread (and tear away backing on the back - just to add a little more stability). :) Glad ya'll like it. It was fun. Now I am excited about starting DC's first one this week!

Amy said...

That is so adorable! Turned out really cute!! Love the matching pants! Man, you're talented!