Monday, January 31, 2011

The Homestead

A couple weeks ago, while we were in Birmingham for Adeline's party, I received this gift. My mother had sent it with Adeline's birthday present. I opened it and started crying.

This is my parent's home in Atmore. My mother had one of her favorite artists paint it for her and she had prints made for all the kids. I am so grateful for this print for many reasons, but it means so much now. My parents recently put the house on the market and this one act has made me face some of the things I was pushing back about my parents move.

They have been in Austin for two years now, but I still envision them "home." I have known that this day would come and I still dread the day their home sells. It will finalize their leaving my homestead for good. Again, I don't blame them for their choices. We all must follow our dreams, our passions, opportunity, but the thought of not having that place to go to sorrows my heart. It marks a chapter closed, so much of my life wrapped up in that chapter. It is quite hard to swallow.

As I continue to face the grief and acceptance that I must face, I will cherish this print - memories of the life we lived there, the people we love, and the family that is so dear to my heart. Thankfully, the home is only a structure and in reality I still have those memories, those people, and most importantly my family.


stacey said...

sweet :)

Dot said...

What a sweet thought of your Mom to give you a picture of the place you grew up in. Beautiful memories with a wonderful family.

The Kimmels said...

That is such a great gift! I want to have our home painted. I talked about it all the time. :)

Kathryn Anne (Kate) said...

Ali, if you haven't heard Miranda Lambert's, "The house that built me" song; you should! It's beautiful. This post reminded me of it. :)

Janice said...

Its a beautiful home! I drive by it quite a bit, and always think of your family :)