Wednesday, January 5, 2011

{scrap it}

So the new year has inspired Doug and I to clean out closets and put a little organization into practice. One of the big projects was cleaning out the playroom closet. It consisted of videos, financial records, and lots and lots of fabric scraps from my apron making days. Oh, this isn't the first time I have cleaned out my fabric bins, but I still held on to a few thinking that I would surely use them for something. Out of sight out of mind and therefore, nothing has been done with the scraps since I cleaned out the closet before Douglass Charle's birth (2YEARS!!).

So, with the new Kelly's Kids catalog and a little inspiration from Pottery Barn Kids arriving in my mailbox over the holiday (not to mention the desire to applique some clothing for the kids for Spring/Summer), I have decided to start a little blog segment called Scrap It Saturdays. It is a purely selfish endeavor. My goal is to use the blog to help keep me motivated to do it - while sharing with you and documenting it for myself - all while trying to economically dress my children. :)

So... I plan to post my progress on these projects every Saturday, and guess what??? I will be using The English Pea Studio graphics. Yeah... so stay tuned! And for those of you who want to "scrap" along with me I plan on sharing a few of my patterns so you can join me (And if you really like, a few ready made kits may find their way into my shop so I can help share the love).

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