Monday, January 24, 2011

30 years ago...

I wore this dress. It is amazing to me how some styles are timeless (especially in the South). It is also special to share it with my little girl!

Charlotte was very excited to wear this dress and I mainly took these photographs for her Nanna - since she sent us the dress as well as another one as a gift for Christmas. Funny how the small things mean so much. Thanks, Nanna, for saving all the sweet things you dressed us in when we were young. Charlotte and I are both enjoying them thoroughly.


Amy said...

That is absolutely precious! I can't believe it's the same dress. It looks just perfect!!!

Joanne Owen said...

Seems like just the other day that you were wearing this--and Lauren in a matching one. Charlotte looks adorable, but so grown up. Thanks for sharing the photos. Love it.
Love you, Momma